Support Site Survey

The project below reviews our team exploring a new mode of collecting player feedback on the Blizzard customer support site.

Project Overview & Goal

A common problem with customer support research, is that it is hard to collect feedback from players who are actively experiencing a problem. While 3rd party tools exist to collect feedback from active site visitors, the goal for this project was to explore our own solution to this problem within the confines of our own timeline and budget.

Blizzard's customer support site

Site Survey Implementation

Working with developers, we quickly realized that the effort to embed a custom survey on the site would require significant work. Since we did not know how the data and feedback would look, we determined this route would not be worth the investment.

To test data collection, response rates, and data quality quickly, we instead created our survey using Qualtrics. This allowed us to cut out significant development work, only requiring the creation of a small tab on the side of our webpage to link to our survey.

Survey Results & Key Takeaways

Analyzing the data showed that our decision to run this idea as a test with a lean amount of resources, instead of heavy investment internally or through a 3rd party vendor, was worth it.

  • Data was heavily skewed towards the ends of our scales.

  • If a player had solved their problem at the time of taking the survey, they were mostly positive. The inverse of this was also true.

  • Some players that completed the survey had thought they were submitting a support ticket, an experience we did not want to create.

  • In order to collect a meaningful sample size, data collection would need to run for roughly 1 month, which makes it difficult to act quickly on feedback.