Curriculum Vitae

*Last updated 10/20/2023*


PhD Psychology – Oregon State University (Sep 2020 – Expected June 2024)

Emphasis in Engineering Psychology | Advisor: Dr. Mei-Ching Lien

Dissertation Title: Does Suppressing a Feature Require Salience? Evidence for Distractor-based Suppression


M.S. Psychology – Oregon state University (June 2022)

Emphasis in Engineering Psychology | Advisor: Dr. Mei-Ching Lien

Thesis Title: Attention Capture in Visual Search: The Effects of Individual Visual Working Memory Capacity and Gaming Experience


M.S. Psychology – University of Idaho (Dec 2016)

Emphasis in Human Factors Psychology | Advisor: Dr. Steffen Werner

B.A. Psychology – Rowan University (May 2014)

Advisor: Dr. Bonnie Angelone

A.A. Psychology – Rowan College of South Jersey (May 2012)

Research Experience

Attention and Performance Lab       

Oregon State University | Sep 2020 – Present


Cognition and Usability Lab

University of Idaho | Sep 2014 – Dec 2016


Cognition Lab

Rowan University | Sep 2012 - May 2014


9.     Ruthruff, E., Hauck, C., & Lien, M.-C. (2021). What do we know about suppression of attention capture. Visual Cognition, 29(9), 604-607.

Conference Presentations

Presentations marked with a * were given as spoken presentations.

Professional Experience

Researcher Intern

Riot Games | June 2023 – Sept 2023                   


Associate User Experience Researcher

Blizzard Entertainment | Feb 2017 – Sept 2020


User Experience Intern

Blizzard Entertainment | May 2016 - Aug 2016


User Experience Intern

Blizzard Entertainment | May 2015 - Dec 2015

Teaching Experience

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Oregon State University Sept 2020 – Present

·         Instructor of Record


·         Graduate Teaching Assistant

o    PSY 298 – Quantitative Methods in Psychological Science

o    PSY 411 – Psychology Capstone

o    PSY 340 – Cognitive Psychology


Graduate Teaching Assistant

University of Idaho Sept 2014 – Dec 2016

·         Instructor of Record

Guest Lectures

*-Denotes lectures scheduled with faculty to be given during the current academic term.


*Quantitative Methods in Psychological Science – “Regression Analysis”

An introduction to regression analysis focused on linear regression and topics including model fitting, output interpretation, and practical application.


*Thinking Like a Psychological Scientist – “Psychology and Product Design”

Discussed the role of a psychology researcher within an industry product design team, with emphasis on how company goals drive research initiatives and case studies of interactions between researchers, designers, and stakeholders.


*Psychology Capstone – “Graduate School and Job Application Interviews”

Will lead mock interviews to prepare psychology undergraduate students for graduate school or job applications.


Research Methods in Psychological Science – “Introduction to Qualtrics”

Introduced honors psychology students to Qualtrics, including survey and question creation, distribution methods, and logic implementation.


Cognitive Psychology – “Working memory and Cognitive Workload”

Presented an overview of cognitive load theory, working memory, and implications for human performance, including discussion on expertise and expert performance within an expert’s domain.


General Psychology – “Human Factors”

Presented an overview of the field of human factors, including case studies, research topics, methods, and an in-class demonstration of usability testing.

Awards and Honors

2nd Place - International Student Safety Technology Design Competition

27th International Technical Conference on the Enhanced Safety of Vehicles


Grants and Funding

Student Safety Technology Design Competition: $3000

Awarded By: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Lumen Learning Teaching Grant: $500

Awarded By: Lumen Learning

Professional Service

Ad Hoc Journal Reviewer

Editorial Board


Technical Skills

Survey Design:

Data Analysis:

Programming Languages:

Organization Affiliations

Psychonomic Society

Oregon State University | Sep 2020 – Present


Human Factors and Ergonomic Society

University of Idaho, Oregon State University | Sep 2014 – Dec 2016, Sept 2020 – Present


Eastern Psychological Association

Rowan University | Spring 2014


Psi Chi Honor Society

Rowan University | Spring 2014


Psychology Club

Rowan University | Sep 2012 – May 2014

Workshops and Training

Causality in Minds and Machines: Probing the Mathematical and Computational Foundations

Society for Mathematical Psychology | November 16, 2023


Data Science in the Tidyverse

R Studio Conference | 2018